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Wondering how the SafeBox works and why it’s the best option for an active lifestyle? Check out this short video and you’ll see why you should get one for yourself today!

Travel Stress-Free With Safebox

No matter where your life takes you, the LockStill SafeBox is the perfect companion! Prevent theft while you’re enjoying fun activities like lying on the beach, surfing, or swimming. The loud alarm sounds and bright lights stop thieves from picking up your items and slipping away while you’re relaxing. Or you can take your SafeBox on vacation to protect your phone, jewelry, and other valuables in your hotel room or apartment rental. With a built-in battery pack and easy-to-use Qi charger, it’s a no-brainer to keep your SafeBox powered up no matter where you go.


With built-in precision sensors, light, and sound alarms to deter thieves, the LockStill SafeBox is the perfect accessory to keep you from having your belongings taken. Small and light enough to take anywhere, the LockStill fits perfectly in a purse, backpack, gym bag, carry-on suitcase, or glove compartment. Toss your wallet, keys, and phone in the LockStill SafeBox and hit the road knowing you’re protected from robbery and identity theft.

Unlocking Made Easy

Easy to lock and use, the LockStill SafeBox has a secure swipe-to-unlock technology, similar to the ones many popular cell phone operating systems incorporate. The lock system uses a combination of colors and patterns that makes it too complex for thieves to crack. 


To unlock the unit, you just enter your unique code into the keypad. Once unlocked, an animation will appear on the unit’s display pad to show you it’s ready to open. This makes it easy to see when the unit is open and reminds you to lock the device once your valuables are loaded.


When the unit is locked, you’ll see our locked animation appear on the front of the display, followed by two horizontal red stripes. This indicates that the unit is ready to protect your valuables against theft, so you can focus your attention on other tasks. 


LockStill Safeboxes offer maximum built-in protection to stop thieves and pickpockets. With loud siren sounds, the alarms are designed to shock anyone hoping to steal your valuables. The sound pumps out at a high-decibel volume making it impossible to ignore. With multiple speakers, there’s no easy way to mute or cover it!


The LockStill SafeBox looks chic and sophisticated with a white semi-gloss finish. If the sound isn’t enough to scare thieves away, LockStill also incorporates bright lights to draw attention to attempted thieves in the act. The LED light matrix alternates colors and shapes, grabbing the eye of anyone who's nearby.  

Standing Charger

The LockStill SafeBox charges wirelessly via a standing charger making it easy to recharge while you relax or work on other tasks around the house. As the unit charges, the SafeBox logo on the charger changes color to show you at a glance when it’s charged. When you see the light illuminated in a range of red to green colors, the unit is ready. If you’re waiting at the airport between flights or getting ready to hit a festival and party all night, we also built in a USB-C fast charger which is easy to use and provides fast power in every situation.

Night Light

In addition to being a nifty on-the-go security box, LockStill SafeBox is also bright enough to use as a bedside light or an accent piece that creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room. You can choose from a variety of preset animations to find the one that you find most appealing.

Smatrphone Charger

Tired of all the chargers needed for all your devices? The LockStill standing charger can also be used to charge your QI enabled smartphone wirelessly, helping to reduce the number of chargers you need to keep on hand. Just drop your phone onto the unit when you come in the house, and by the time you’re ready to leave again, your smartphone is charged up and ready.

Wireless Charger

Need to charge your phone but find yourself in a place where you don’t want to leave it out in the open? The LockStill SafeBox itself is also a portable wireless charger. Just place your phone inside, lock the safe, and your phone will charge until you unlock the safe again.

Powerbank for days

With a charge that can last several days, the LockStill SafeBox acts as a versatile wireless charger for any devices with wireless charging ability you place inside. Just lock your smartphone, wearable device, or other portable electronics inside, and the LockStill will keep them safe as they charge. LockStill SafeBox is a simpler solution to having to carry multiple cords to charge each one individually. And the best news is you can charge your items no matter where you are!

App for configuration and more

Download the LockStill mobile app where you can configure the lock, customize your LockStill Safebox, and stay informed on its whereabouts. Simply connect your SafeBox to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which enables you to reconfigure the lock settings, change up the light alarms and night light animations, and also check on battery levels. If you need help to find your Safebox, simply use the app to sound the alarm and follow the sounds to your box. In the event your LockStill gets stolen, you can also sound the alarm to let the thief and everyone around them aware that your LockStill has been taken from its rightful owner.

Compact Enough for Everyday Use

Many victims of theft are targeted simply because the opportunity to easily take something presents itself to a thief. Instead of leaving your valuables unprotected in a public space, you can have added peace of mind with a compact portable safe that fits right in your purse or backpack. Developed to be perfectly sized for everyday use, the LockStill SafeBox is small enough to go on daily errands with you. Take it to the gym or the office to protect your smartphone, keys, and other valuables from being stolen. Instead of trusting an old-fashioned locker or easy-to-pick desk lock, you can add an extra layer of security anytime you have to leave your stuff unattended. Once you begin incorporating the LockStill SafeBox into your daily life, you’ll never want to leave home or go out of town without it. The SafeBox is so small and easy to use that it makes securing your valuables fun to do!

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